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Cannot Access Internet Through SR520 Router

Good Afternoon,

I'm extremely new to the world of Cisco CLI Routers and to be completely honest I know I'm a bit out of my depth here. However, I've been asked to create a basic setup on our SR520 router to connect to a PPPoA BT Connection. Due to the fact that the Cisco Configuration Assistant doesn't support PPPoA, I've had to do this via the CLI which is proving to be a bit of a pain..

I've followed this guide here which helped do a basic config but I changed a couple of things such as the vlan 75 details and the DHCP scope via the CCA.

Anyway, I have got it connected to the internet and the Rx/Tx lights are flashing with the CD light solid so I guess that's a good start! However, I'm thinking that NAT and/or the firewall settings aren't working because I cannot contact any websites or even ping the external DNS server from a client.

I would really appreciate it if someone can point me in the right configuration. I think I need to disable the dialer 0, I've shut it down but not sure if that helped? My router config is attached.

-> THIS PART IS NO LONGER AN ISSUE -- On a side note, I keep getting the following appear:

*Apr  2 15:35:38.987: %FW-6-DROP_PKT: Dropping udp session  due to  One of the interfaces not being cfged for zoning with ip ident 0

Pretty sure this is my FW dropping packets which doesn't help but no idea how to fix it! <-

Any help would be most appreciated, thank you in advance!


Who Me Too'd this topic