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Redistribution OSPF to NHRP

While troubleshooting some routing issue, I noticed a strange output of "show ip protocols" of my 3945 router.

It looks like nhrp is used as a routing protocol and another routing protocol ospf is redistributed into it.

NHRP is used for creating DMVPN tunnels in my network, this 3945 is DMVPN hub.

3945-WAN-1#sh ip proto

*** IP Routing is NSF aware ***

Routing Protocol is "nhrp"

  Redistributing: static, ospf 1

  Maximum path: 0

  Routing Information Sources:

    Gateway         Distance      Last Update

  Distance: (default is 0)

Does this output mean that nhrp can propagate routing info redistributed from ospf to its spokes? If so, what administrative distance or another priority over other routing protocols does nhrp have?

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