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C210 M2 hangs at "Configuring and testing Platform Hardware"

Hi there,

we performed a CIMC and BIOS-Upgrade on one of our servers to the latest version. System told us everything went fine and logging into the BIOS worked also fine.

The confusing thing is, even if the BIOS itself showed the correct version, the Webgui shows the old one.

After leaving the BIOS-Screen and rebooting the Server twice for OS install, it now hangs after "testing memory" at the "config. and test. platform hardware" step.

Even trying to perform a BIOS-Recovery results in finding recovery capsulate as success after a couple of seconds and then (running scope bios / show detail in CLI, the status changes from BIOS Recovery invoked to "None") stops.

We´ve removed every addtl. hardware like expansion PCI-Cards and USB memory stick from the system, can not find any error messages or stuff like that, we just hang at this configuring and testing step.

has anyone seen some similar behaviour or any idea how to go forward here?



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Who Me Too'd this topic