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NTP Issue from Real Time Monitoring Tool

Hello guys,

I have been having issues with NTP on my CUCM 7.1 Cluster of 3 servers but recently I configured new NTP servers at stratum 4 and 5 but I keep having NTP failure alerts every 30 minutes even after restarting NTP services on the Publisher and the status looks good from CLI.

severity :- Critical Process The local NTP client is off by more than the acceptable threshold of 3 seconds from its remote NTP system peer. The normal remedy is for NTP watch dog to automatically restart NTP. However, an usual number of automatic NTP restarts have already occurred on this node. No additional NTP restarts will be done until NTP synchronization stabilizes. Check NTP status via CLI

Could this be a false positive and what do you suggest I do to stop this?

Thanks in anticipation.

Who Me Too'd this topic