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WAP121 after 1 day AP unresponsive

After 1,5 day the WAP121 unresponsive.

After a reboot I get back to the admin site and the clients can connect again and everything is ok again.

My Network:

1 SG300-10MP FW:

2 WAP121 FW:

The WAP121 is connected to the SG300 and get power over him.

I have the same problem if it uses power from the AC adapter.

In the support log I found the following entries:


Software Version:

Crash Log:

Uptime of the AP: 1 Days, 15 Hours, 17 Minutes and 0 Seconds

CPU Unable to handle kernel paging request for process = swapper and pid = 0

epc == c0517fe0, ra == c054c564

Stack Trace:

[<00000000c054c564>] - wlc_scbfree+0xe8/0x3b4 [wl]

[<00000000c054d030>] - wlc_userscb_alloc+0x2c8/0x2d0 [wl]

[<00000000c054d7dc>] - wlc_scblookup+0x11c/0x1c0 [wl]

[<00000000c057af84>] - wlc_ap_authresp+0x68c/0x9d0 [wl]

[<00000000c053425c>] - wlc_recvctl+0x1158/0x28b8 [wl]

[<00000000c0675984>] - wlc_recv+0x5f8/0x808 [wl]

[<00000000c067e698>] - wlc_dpc+0x6c8/0xb30 [wl]

[<00000000c0678360>] - wl_dpc+0x50/0x164 [wl]

[<000000008002effc>] - tasklet_action+0x70/0xf4

[<000000008002e980>] - __do_softirq+0x80/0x110

[<000000008002ea78>] - do_softirq+0x68/0x70

I hope someone can help me.



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