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android device can not auth by ISE byod single ssid with wism code 7.0.220

Wei Yang
Level 1
Level 1


    I want  Implementing  Byod solution to

  wism(1)   with code 7.0.220 + ISE 1.1.4

   I setup with

   because 7.0.220 dont support Open + MAC Filtering + radius NAC  for dual ssid

   therefore it's only support single ssid solution...

     It's work with iphone and ipad and win7

   but android fail 

   android alway show cant not detec ISE server

   android spw.log  just log can not detect ISE only

   with wireshark see android send few packet to it's default(android's) gateway port:80 and :80

    seems wism did not redirect the packet to ISE....??

does any one sucess on single ssid on wism(7.0.220) with android ??

Who Me Too'd this topic