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Adding replacement 3750X stack switch

Hi everyone!

I need some help with a stack configuration!

A client had two 3750X 24 ports IP Base switches configured in stack (I didnt do the config). Everything was working perfectly but the slave switch failed and they had to replace it for a new one. Same switch, same IOS, same version, same everything.

So now my doubts are, if the master is still working, do I have to configure anything on the new switch that will be a slave? Or its just plain and simple, to connect the stacks and thats it?

I havent configured anything on the new switch since Im trying to learn about how stack exactly works. So far what i know is that you dont need to configure anything on the new stack member since the master syncs the configuration, but does not configure anything, means exactly that? not even passwords or usernames or something?

Please i would appriciate your help!!

Thank you!


Dante V.

PS: Im attaching the config for the master switch

Who Me Too'd this topic