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PI 2.0 Alarms / Syslog

Hi there,

we added LAN switches (L2/L3) to the PI2.0. There are some strange things:

Thing 1 Alarms - configured the switch like this:

Global config:

logging buffered 16384

logging host

Interface config:

Port 1- 24 Access Ports

no logging event link-status

Uplink Ports:

logging event link-status

-> But the Prime Infrastructure generate up/down Errors of the access Ports


Deploy a custom template with stopping interface availability polling.

But didn't work.

-> How can we stop polling? Or configure the switch not to have up/down errrors from access ports?

Thing 2 - configured the switch like this:

Global config:

snmp-server enable traps envmon fan shutdown supply temperature status

3750x with two power supplies, move one of them and syslog arrived at the prime.

But there is no alarm.  I can see also the event in the local logfile.

Is saw that this is not supported at the moment - is that right?

If so, when will this be supported?


What global config parameter are recommended for L2/L3 switches logging/syslog?



Who Me Too'd this topic