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Host firmware package upgrade from 2.1(1b) -> 2.1(3a) APEI Generic Hardware Error


Hello all,

   We just did a UCS firmware upgrade from 2.1(1b) to 2.1(3a).

   Our UCS is using the B200-M3 blades. And I use firmware policy to update the firmware on the blades.

    I just did one blade as a test to upgrade from 2.1(1b) to 2.1(3a), and  after the blade boot-up (Oracle Linux 6.4) I saw the kernel trow out :

[Hardware Error]: Hardware error from APEI Generic Hardware Error Source: 1

[Hardware Error]: APEI generic hardware error status

[Hardware Error]: severity: 2, corrected

[Hardware Error]: section: 0, severity: 2, corrected

[Hardware Error]: flags: 0x01

[Hardware Error]: primary

[Hardware Error]: fru_text: CorrectedErr

[Hardware Error]: section_type: PCIe error

[Hardware Error]: port_type: 0, PCIe end point

[Hardware Error]: version: 0.0

[Hardware Error]: command: 0xffff, status: 0xffff

[Hardware Error]: device_id: 0000:00:03.0

[Hardware Error]: slot: 0

[Hardware Error]: secondary_bus: 0x00

[Hardware Error]: vendor_id: 0xffff, device_id: 0xffff

[Hardware Error]: class_code: ffffff

Just as a test, we started up a blade with the old firmware package, and I do not have this error message showing up.

I  am just starting to investigate this message. I did not update other  blades to 2.1(3a), up untill I find out more on this error.

Anyone saw this with version 2.1(3a) and linux?

Who Me Too'd this topic