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Attendant Console Call Flow (CSS)

Hi all,

Just playing around a little with Attendant Console in my lab. I've read the docs but just wanted to clarify how the CSS works on calls.

The call comes in from PSTN and uses Gateway CSS to be able to reach Attendant Console route point which sends it to the call queue. Operator answers the call, and can either blind transfer or consult transfer. Which CSS does the call use at this point? If it is a consult transfer, I guess this uses the CSS of the operator line, which would probably be okay if the person at the destination answers and then the operator completes the transfer, but what if:

  • The operator does a consult transfer, but completes the transfer before the destination answers the call. This seems to result in the call at the destination phone disconnecting for a few seconds, then ringing again as though the call is cutting off from the operator, then making a new call from the CTI port.

  • The operator does a blind transfer. Does this use the CSS configuration of the CTI port or operator line? And if operator needs to be able to transfer to external / international on a blind transfer basis, then the CTI ports need to have this appropriate CSS?

Sorry for the silly questions, just need to be clear in my own head

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