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E1 R2 integration with Panasonic PBX


I'm trying to integrate cisco H323 voice gateway 2951 with panasonic PBX using E1 R2.

Call from ip phone to PBX works well, but call from PBX's Analog Phone to Cisco IP Phone doesn't work.

When I debug voice ccapi, the calling and called number is empty.

The PBX is panasonic KX-TDA-100 with KX-TDA0188-XJ E1 module.

The module doesn't support PRI.

Here are my configuration :


isdn switch-type primary-qsig


controller E1 0/0/0

ds0-group 1 timeslots 1-15,17-31 type r2-digital dtmf dnis

cas-custom 1

  seizure-ack-time 30


  dtmf timer inter-digit 500


Configuration and debug is attached as below.

Any suggestion is deeply appreciated.


Wengkie K.

Who Me Too'd this topic