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Firmware Upgrade issue - 7962G from SCCP42.9-3-1-SR1-1S to SIP

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Level 1

Dear Experts!!

This is my first query on this forum.

I am trying to upgrade a brand new Cisco 7962G from SCCP42.9-3-1-SR1-1S to SIP 8.5.3 or 8.5.4.

I am not using UCM and instead using TFTP server.

In the past (approx. 12 months back)  I was able to upgrade the 7962G phones to SIP 8.5.3 but the new phones complain with an error "Load rejected HC". I tried to upgrade it to a higher version 9-3-1SR3-1 but the proxy ports are showing null values and not able to register with my SIP registrar (3rd party non-Cisco).

Is there any change on the new 7962G compared to the previous ones available a year back?

Any advice would be great help.

Many thanks in advance.



Who Me Too'd this topic