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Traversal Call Issue - 403 Forbidden


We have deployed VCS Control with VCS Expressway for firewall traversal and encountered  issue. On the VCSe call status, it says 403 forbidden

when an external endpoint registered as SIP on the VCSe will initiate a call to an internal endpoint registered as SIP to VCSc.

Here are some of the test scenarios we conducted and results:

1. Internal endpoints SIP registration to VCSc - OK

2. External endpoint SIP registartion to VCSe - OK

3. Internal endpoint  to internal endpoint SIP calls via VCSc - OK

4. External endpoint  to external endpoint SIP calls via VCSe - OK

5. Internal endpoint to external endpoint SIP call via VCSc and VCSe - OK

6. External endpoint to internal endpoint SIP call via VCSc and VCSe - Failed (403 forbidden)

On item 6, that's the only problem we are trying to resolve.

What are needed to check?

Thank you.


Acevirgil de Ocampo

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