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LAP 1142N "Radio disabled due to PoE" after upgrade to 7.6.120

Recently, we upgraded our 5508 wireless controllers from to

One AP (AIR-LAP1142N-E-K9) doesn't work now.

Both radios are stuck in state 'reset':

AP#sh int dot11Radio 0 | inc Dot11Radio0
Dot11Radio0 is reset, line protocol is down

It seems to be a PoE issue:

AP#sh controllers dot11Radio 0
Radio disabled due to PoE


This 1142N is connected to a HP switch (model 3800 with 802.3af/802.3at support). It did work on this switch several months before this upgrade and it works if connected to Cisco switch (Cat 6513).

We didn't upgrade the switch firmware or change its configuration.


The PoE status from the switch CLI:

  PoE    | Power  Power    Alloc Alloc Actual Config   Detection   Power Pre-std
  Port   | Enable Priority By    Power Power  Type     Status      Class Detect
  ------ + ------ -------- ----- ----- ------ -------- ----------- ----- ------

  21     | Yes    low      lldp  33 W  7.8 W           Delivering  3     off


Other APs (80 3602 connected to HP8212zl switches) do work without any problem.


Any idea how to solve this?

Who Me Too'd this topic