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Paulo Souza
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TMS 14.5 with Conductor XC2.4 - Incorrect resource allocation

Hi folks,


I am facing a very strange issue with TMS and Conductor concerning resource allocation on Telepresence Server. In summary, this is what I have:

  • TMS 14.5.0
  • Conductor XC 2.4.1
  • Telepresence Server 4.0(2.8) - Full Licensed


The issue is, I have a conference template in Conductor for MultiScreen and SingleScreen endpoints, the quality of Video is set to 720p30 and Audio to Multi-channel:


As I am using the above basic HD quality, Telepresence Server is supposed to support up to 24 SingleScreen HD participants. However, I am not able to place more than 12 SingleScreen endpoints on the conferences, when I have 12 endpoints, Conductor says that TP Server has reached 100% of its capacity.

Even TMS is not allowing me to schedule more than 12 SingleScreen participants when using that Conference Template. Here it is a resource calculation result for the Service Preference associated to that Conference Template in TMS:


When I calculate resources for MultiScreen endpoints, the result is correct. I can have for example a conference with 8 Three-screens endpoints.

And the most interesting thing is, the Conference Template has Audio quality set to Multichannel (Cause it is required for correct resource allocation for TX9000), if I change the quality from Multichannel to Stereo, then Conductor starts to allocate resources for SingleScreen endpoints correctly, I am able to place up to 24 endpoints on Telepresence Server and even TMS allows me to schedule up to 24 SingleScreen endpoints.

My conclusion is, there is something wrong with the calculation made my Conductor or I am missing something here. I am sure that, according to the Datasheet of Telepresence Server, a full licensed 8710 blade is supposed to support up to 24 720p30 participants when using stereo audio and 720p5 content quality. Therefore, considering that I am using SX20 endpoint (which has no support for multi-channel audio), Conductor should not allocated that amount of resources for SingleScreen endpoints just because the Conference Template is set to Multi-channel audio.

Has anyone got a problem like that?

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