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UCCX 10.6 - Unable To Login Agent -

Kirill Klimakhin

Installing a brand new UCCX 10.6 cluster. Using CCM local user database as the client does not have LDAP. 

I created a test user called "testagent" in CUCM, whenever I go to login to UCCX Agent Desktop, it immediately tells me that the "combination of user ID, password and extension is invalid" 

Here the steps of configuration:

-Created User
-Assigned Device
-Assigned primary extension 44357 and IPCC extension 28001
-Gave user CTI privileges 

I see the user as a resource in UCCX, the user is assigned to a team and the team is assigned to a test application. The CTI RP trigger and all other CTI ports are registered. 

I've changed the password multiple times but I am still unable to login. Any idea what I'm missing?


Who Me Too'd this topic