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Cannot remove radius server from Nexus


I'm trying to remove a radius server from a nexus switch, but it won't allow me.


My config

aaa authentication login default group radius 
no aaa user default-role 
aaa authentication login error-enable 
aaa authentication login mschapv2 enable 
radius-server key 7 "xxxxxxxxxx"
radius-server host authentication accounting 
radius-server host authentication accounting 

When I try to remove a server

Nexus3K(config)# no radius-server host authentication accounting
As this operation causes both accounting and authentication to be disabled for the server, it is denied.​


Nexus3K(config)# no radius-server host 
server either belongs to group in use or default group
configuration for could not be removed


I also tried doing a "no aaa authentication login default group radius" to disable radius authentication, and then removing the radius server, but that didn't work.

What am I doing wrong?  thanks

Who Me Too'd this topic