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Cisco 1140 AP getting warning "Packet to client <Mac Address> reached max retries, removing the client"

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So I have a Cisco 1140 AP and it was working great so I assumed it is. I have noticed the message warning message "Packet to client <Mac Address> reached max retries, removing the client". I have read so much about this and gotten so many mixed answers on it that I have tried all the suggestions with no such fix. I do not understand why the AP would even drop any client. I have read and tried this article below:

with no such luck in fixing it. I even tried this one as well below:

and this one states to do the following below:

Error Message    DOT11-4-MAXRETRIES: Packet to client [characters] reached max retries, 
removing the client

Explanation    This error message indicates that the access point attempts to poll the client a certain number of times, but does not receive a response. Therefore, the client is removed from the association table. This issue is commonly seen when the client and access point are attempting to communicate in a noisy RF environment.

Recommended Action    To resolve this issue, run a carrier busy test on the access point to determine if there is excessive noise in the radio channel spectrum. Attempt to alleviate any unwanted noise.

If there are several access points in the same area, there might be overlapping the channel signals or possibly other wireless device in the area. Change the access point channel to one of the non-overlapping channels using the access point GUI. Under Network Interfaces, select Radio-802.11. There are three non-overlapping channels: 1, 6, and 11.

Well now I am at point thinking the hardware is bad. Could this be true? It is the only AP I am running and I am not sure what to do next at this point. Does anyone else have any suggestions on what this warning actually is and why it is happening? I appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you.

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