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SGE2010P Unresponsive, all ports lit

Hello, I inherited a SGE2010P 48 port PoE switch (the dealer has since gone out of business).  The client on the premises where it was installed claimed there was a power outage this weekend.  When I arrived, all PoE devices were un-powered and all other connected devices had no network connectivity.

  • All 48 ports of the unit are lit green on both sides even if nothing was attached to them. 
  • All the fans appear to be running
  • The status lights are all unlit. 
  • The reset button does nothing, either held down continuously or held during boot
  • Web interface cannot be accessed
  • I haven't been able to attempt to access the console yet, but will try once the unit arrives on my desk

The lights and fans exhibit this behavior as soon as I power the unit.  Has anyone come across this failure mode before?  Sounds like its fried but I don't have much experience with Cisco.


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