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Console connection to RSP440

Tom Marcoen

Hey all

I'm working from the console on a RSP440 in a new ASR9010 chassis using PuTTY (v0.64). I'm experiencing the following issues:

  • Cursor (arrow) keys don't work. Luckily I know about Ctrl+P and Ctrl+N.
  • Pasting in text using the right mouse button does not work.

It might be an important detail that I'm using an USB-to-serial converter on my laptop and a standard serial-to-RJ45 light blue Cisco console cable. Important because I read the following on a different forum:

According to the docs, I should be using a straight through cable and 
a configuration of 8N2 with no flow control at 9600.

However I do not really understand what he means with a straight through cable. I know other vendors do use a straight through ethernet cable combined with a RJ45-to-serial converter.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS: I don't remember this being an issue on the older RSP-4G.

Who Me Too'd this topic