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SG300-52 Beginner VLAN Config

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Level 1

Hi Everyone,

I appreciate this is a very beginner question and there may be a few facepalms that will happen but I could do with some help.
We have just purchased a SG300-51 switch to enable our business to grow. I am attempting to setup 2 vlans (1 containing a router, the second just my pc for now whilst i test it).

  • vlan 1 (the default) obviously works fine with access to the internet.
  • vlan 2 (which is on vlan id 10) has no access to the internet.

For note, our router is managed so I have no control over this.

So for now Ports 1 - 2 are on vlan 1 under Access. Port 3 is under vlan 2 under access. I have switched port 3 to trunk but to no avail. All traffic is marked as untagged on all ports.

IP's assigned on vlan 1 are assigned from the router starting at to x.x.1.254 (the router is at 254). The switch for vlan 1 is at
IP's assigned in vlan 2 (by on board dhcp on the switch) are - (the switch setup to be

I have a IPv4 static route of: to

Now i am sure I am missing something fundamental and I have been reading through article furiously to try and discover what is up, if anyone could assist and point me in the right direction I would be very greatful.


Thanks in advance.

Who Me Too'd this topic