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No peer struct to get peer description

Andrew Duffield


I have a Cisco 881 running IOS 15.3

I have a Cisco ASA 5512 running ASA 9.1

When I configure the Cisco 881 to connect to the ASA, I get the following message:

"No peer struct to get peer description"

When I turn off and turn back on the crypto map on my Dialer 0 interface I get the following messages:

IPSEC: Expand action denied, discard or forward packet.

IPSEC: Expand action denied, notify RP

I have triple checked the ACL's and all look ok.

When I connect the ASA 5512 to a Sonicwall NSA, the tunnel comes up with no issues.

The 881 subnet is

The ASA subnet is

I have attached copies of the configs

Can someone please help me out with the config? Or is it something to do with IOS/ASA compatibility?



Who Me Too'd this topic