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Monitoring Policies Automonitoring 3.0.2

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Level 1


i am having the following issue.

when i am going to monitor/monittoring Tools/ monitoring policies/ automonitoring and say i like to change device availabilty to no polling and click save, or any other settting i getting the following error "Getting error while saving the AutoMonitor PolicyError:Error updating 2 policies." and the change do not get apply.

i also having issue to deactivate "Automonitoring - Device Health" and "Automonitoring - WAN Interfaces" the only automonitoring i can deactivate atm is "Automonitoring - Link and Trunk Ports".

i am running pi 3.0.2 with the tech update also since we have 7.6.130 wlc

so my problem is I like to make som custome polling policy since there are som device we dont care about going down either because it is test device or som remote that we dont have 100% control over.

does anyone else have the same issue?

and more importen is there a solution to this?

Regard David

Who Me Too'd this topic