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ISE backup hung

It appears like the backup is hung on the primary ISE 1.3 node. 

- I created a repository in the GUI and started a backup to it. The repository was not accessible so the backup got stuck at 75%, it wasn't actually doing anything for the last week. 

ISE01# show backup status
%% Configuration backup status
%% ----------------------------
% backup name: pre_2.0_upgrade
% repository: Shared_Network_Drive
% start date: Mon Nov 30 11:35:59 PST 2015
% scheduled: no
% triggered from: Admin web UI
% host:
% status: Backup is in progress...
% progress %: 75
% progress message: Moving Backup file to the repository

%% Operation backup status
%% ------------------------
% No data found. Try 'show backup history' or ISE operation audit report

- created an FTP repository in the command line , verified that the ISE server can access it, then started a backup to it. 

ISE01#backup configuration_1 repository upgrade ise-config encryption-key plain SOAndSO
% Warning: Waiting up to 1200 seconds for APP_BACKUP to finish...

- if I try stopping the ise application I get database locked 

application stop ise

Waiting up to 20 seconds for lock: APP_BACKUP APP_BACKUP to complete
Database is still locked by lock: APP_BACKUP APP_BACKUP. Aborting. Please try it later
% Error: Another ISE DB process (APP_BACKUP APP_BACKUP) is in progress, cannot perform Application Stop at this time

- tried cancelling the job from the GUI I get this message 

Who Me Too'd this topic