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Odd IPv6 BGP issue

Dear all,

I receive ::/0 from our transit peer, and announce it to a reflector. Apart from next hep set  to self, nothing else is changed.

On the reflector, I am not receiving prefix ::/0, but ::/8 instead, and pointing at next hop of peering node facing transit router.

::/8 is not even received on the peering node facing transit.

Config wise, I peer on IPv6 subnet facing transit, then 6PE towards the backbone, therefore sending labels under address family ipv6.

I am unable to replicate this in Lab environment. 

On reflector:

sh bgp ipv6 unicast ::/0
BGP routing table entry for ::/8, version 76796277
Paths: (3 available, best #2, table default)

Has anyone seen similar issue ?


Who Me Too'd this topic