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WLC HA SSO failure ( Mgmt VLAN Tagging requirement )

Hi ,

I have been trying to set up WLC SSO between two 5508 units . 

After completing all the necessary steps , when i try and enable SSO ( from GUI or from the Command line )  - i get an error mentioned below (command line version ) : 

"Mandatory parameters to make redundancy are not configured.
Untagging of Management VLAN is not supported with redundancy. Please configure Management VLAN before enabling redundancy."

I realize this is a bug with 7.5 or 7.6 OS.

I looked up at the bug tracking tool and it seems this has been fixed after 8.0 . 

I am running 8.0.121 on my controllers . Still seem to be present and preventing SSO from happening .

Any idea if its something that i am doing wrong  -  or is the bug still left unfixed ?


Rahul Nair.

Who Me Too'd this topic