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ASA firePower configuration tab doesn't appear



I'm trying to setup a new ASA5525-X.

I need to install my licenses but right now, I can't see the FirePower configuration tab.

I can see the FIrePower Status tab.

The sfr is running version 5.3.1-152

I did the basic configuration so

- GE 0/0 is the outside interface configured with dhcp

- GE 0/1 is the inside interface configured with AS

The sir module is configured as default gw is

GE 0/1 and management interface are connected to the same switch as my computer and I can ping both interfaces

I logged on the sfr module (session sfr) and I can ping both and my computer.

I did configure a user with privilege 15 and enabled AAA on the ASA.

Still no luck.

Right now, I'm running out of ideas.

Does anyone know what to do ?

Who Me Too'd this topic