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Upgrade cisco phone for 3rd Party Call Control

Hi dear Cisco Support

Recently we bought cisco 7821 phones, and we need register them to Asterisk server. Acording to this we think that we need to use the new firmware that Cisco release for 3rd Party Call Control. In the Cisco documentation cisco says:

Step 1   Download the zip files.

Step 2   Unzip the files.
Step 3   Put the files on the tftp/http/https download directory.
Step 4   Configure the Upgrade Rule on the Provisioning tab in the web page with the valid URL. The format is:


The third-party call control can also upgrade via a URL in the web browser:



The loads file is put in the file path of the above url. The zip file contains other file types also. Only loads file is used in the above URL.

we need that you help us explaining  what means ‘‘Configure the Upgrade Rule on the Provisioning tab in the web page with the valid URL‘‘,  we do not know where is the Provisioned tab (this configuration is through the Call Manager Administration Web Managment Interface). How we can do this procedure. Also we don‘t understand why we must include the phone‘s ip address and ‘‘schema‘‘ option.

Actually we have created a XMLDefault.cnf.xml file and put in  the loadinformation sintax for instruct the phone to upgrade. This file is on the tftp sever but the proccess does not complete.

the URL with the procedure that Cisco describe the procedure is:

we appreciate your help

Best regards

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