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cisco prime infrastructure alarm policies can't make change. getting error please try agin

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Level 1


first i made some alarm policies (interface down, switch down and AP disassociated from controller),

then i made some change to my group both wireless and wired (overwall design campus building and floor).

and now i can't change any alarm policies after i made, these change to my groups.

i am not  even allow to just save a policy without change any thing.

yes i am doing it from the root domain I have try both as root user and my normal admin account with out any luck.

i try reload the server only thing i haven't try is restore from backup or make ncs cleanup.

have someone try this before or got any idea how to get it back on track again?

atm its just ignore the rules that i have made in alarm policies, and i can't reset to default:/

i am on pi 3.1 with newst patch list below.

Prime Infrastructure 3.1 Device Pack 4
Device Support
2016-10-10 14:31 CEST

PI 3.1.3 Maintenance Release
Critical Fixes
2016-10-10 14:00 CEST

regard David

Who Me Too'd this topic