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Revolving host issue with RV042G Gigabit Dual WAN VPN Router


We have the following router:

System Information

Serial Number :  NKS16121052 Firmware Version :  v4.2.3.07 (Oct 8 2015 15:29:55)
PID VID :  RV042G V01 Firmware MD5 Checksum :  4da89c6668332536d982a2ec5dd6b646
LAN  Working Mode :  Gateway
IPv4/ Subnet mask :
IPv6/ Prefix :  --- / ---
System Up Time :  201 Days 6 Hours 5 Minutes 35 Seconds  (Now : Fri Sep 30 2016 20:14:13)  

Every 3 to 4 days Internet speed goes way down. When browsing in chrome you can see the message "Resolving Host" at the status bar. I can fix the problem by setting IP mode to IPv4 only. This will work for a few days and then the issue returns. Again I can fix the problem by setting IP mode to dual stack.

And back and forth the issue returns after few days and I have to select a different IP mode to resolve the issues.


By the way, we have turned off IPv6 on all the computers. The network environment is Windows 2012 R2 standard.


Any help is appreciated.

Who Me Too'd this topic