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What is the set priority step relevant to?

Sean Vaidya

Is it setting the call's priority in the CSQ, the script, or the contact?

Ideally, I want the two CSQs in one app/script

If a call comes in on trigger 1234, set priority to 2, go to CSQ 2

If it comes in on trigger 4321, set priority to 1, go to CSQ 1

The situation is that I have a few select agents that will be taking calls exclusively for CSQ1(kind of a VIP line), but as well as CSQ2.

So say the entire contact center is swamped, regular and VIP agents. If there's 3 regular calls in queue and 1 VIP, I want the VIP call to go to a VIP agent as soon as they become available regardless of how long the regular calls have been waiting for.

But if there is no VIP calls, the VIP agents should continue receiving the regular calls.

If the call priority is per script, then the VIP call would go to the front of the line and then to the VIP CSQ. But to be honest, that doesn't even seem logical. 

I know it's kind of a weird requirement, but I hope a simple solution is available. 

Who Me Too'd this topic