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RV320 no Internet Connection


Hi All,

I am new to the forum.

I have recently purchased a Cisco RV320 and am having some issues with getting the WAN / Internet connectivity setup on this device.

My current setup is being used to test an implementation of this router, so I need to get my head around what the router is trying to do in order to replicate this when I install it in it's production environment.

Currently, I have a home office modem / router (Linksys XAC1900) which gives my home network an active internet connection (IP:, connection type is PPPoE)

I have connected the RV320 from one of the LAN ports on here into the primary WAN port on the RV320.

The RV320 has been setup with 3 x VLANs (require for separation of devices when it is connected to its production enviroment) It has been assigned the following IPs;
VLAN 1: 192.168.1.X
VLAN 2: 192.168.2.X
VLAN 3: 192.168.3.X

I have the inter-LAn connectivity working whereby I can ping the router (RV320) from each VLAN, which is fine. None of these VLANs are however receiving an Internet connection from my home modem / router.

When checking the System Summary page of the RV320 the Internet / WAN port is showing "Connected (Inactive)".

I am not 100% sure what the WAN Connection type should be as the Linksys has already connected to the ISP and is routing fine on my local network, so would I just use the "Obain IP Automatically" from the Basic Setup Wizard for the WAN connection?

Any assistance someone could provide would be greatly appreciated, I have had this router for approx two weeks and my deadline is looming and I still cannot work out how to get the RV320 to get an internet connection from my Linksys XAC1900.

Who Me Too'd this topic