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How to monitor layer 2 links:



I have two cisco switches, at two different sites, having two Layer 2 ISP links in between these two switches.

How can I monitor if one of both link gets down???

As per my knowledge there are two options 1. STP   2. Ether channel.

In both case we get redundancy but how administrator come to know one of the link is down so he/she could book docket against down link with ISP.

At one side we have Cisco Nexus 7010 and Cisco 2960 at another end. if link is get down in between ISP, port at switch end will not get down, in this case what happen with STP and ether channel case. will that generate logs in this case which can be forwarded to syslog server.

is there any monitoring tool which can be useful in such scenarios ??

in such scenarios what is the best practice to manage the network??


Who Me Too'd this topic