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MSE and CMX in the same WLC solution ?

Hi All 

I have been trying to find some documentation on this, but I am unable to (maybe there is a reason :-) )

The setup is as follows.

The customer has a Cisco Wireless Solution with WLCs, Prime and a CMX - all working fine and doing what it should do.

But the customer now wants to also use Aeroscout tags.

Now Aeroscout tags and CMX (MSE10+) is not compatible ( Im hearing that it will be around Q3 this year ), only Aeroscout and MSE 8

Unfortunately we need to start using the Aeroscout tags right away.

Is there any reason why we should not be able to install a new MSE and use that in this solution for tags at the same time we still use the CMX ?

The CMX and Prime does not "talk together" (as far as I remember) , the MSE and Prime will - so no problem here would be my guess.

But both CMX and the new MSE would be "talking" to the WLC setup, I dont see why this should not be possible, but Im just afraid that I missed something ?

Any input would be greatly appreciated :-)


Who Me Too'd this topic