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Troubleshoot QOS in packet drop

Hello guys,

need your help to understand below enlighten.

last day i got issue from one of our customer where he reported issue in voice traffic.

i checked further step and finally i got that packet drop is due to voice packets are exceeding.

i have some logs to analyse here also.

sh policy-map interface Gi0/1.500 output | s VOICE

Class-map: VOICE-IPPREC (match-all) 

          52232824 packets, 10058495921 bytes

          30 second offered rate 132000 bps, drop rate 0000 bps

          Match: ip precedence 5

          Priority: 4096 kbps, burst bytes 102400, b/w exceed drops: 2940

above we can see - b/w exceed drops: 2940

it's a 4 mb b/w assigned to voice class.

i am confused here 2940 is what? is it bps or kbps or packet count ?

because customer is asking how much bandwidth should be increase for voice class to resolve the packet drop issue.

we can recommend to increase b/w of  this class to 5 mb or 6 mb but i need to know exact calculation, how to calculate this ?

Please help to understand this. Thanks :) 

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