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Cisco Employee

APIC-EM PnP bootstrap configuration template


I would like to leverage the Mobile App to upload the bootstrap config for a router which use 4g as a backhaul network.

Challenge is the 4g cellular interface configuration requires some interactivity:

IR800#cellular 0 lte profile create 1 jaspermo.apn

Warning: You are attempting to modify the attach profile.

Please consult the service provider before doing so.

Modem power cycle required for change to take effect.

PDP Type = IPv4v6

Access Point Name (APN) =

Authentication = NONE

Profile 1 already exists with above parameters. Do you want to overwrite? [confirm]

Profile 1 will be overwritten with the following values:

PDP type = IPv4

APN = jaspermo.apn

Authentication = NONE

Are you sure? [confirm]

Profile 1 written to modem

Is there a way to templatize this sequence ? 



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