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Cisco Spark Room Kit and Crestron Integration

We have SX20 systems connected to a Crestron controller via serial (RS-232). This has worked out wonderfully for us in the past; however, moving forward we are looking to remodel our conference rooms with the Spark Room Kit that were released this year. Very little information has been provided on these new units, but we did confirm that serial is not a recommended option and won't be until os 9.2 (possibly). Please note that we have everything on the Cisco side configured since the community is very knowledgeable on how to do this but the Crestron side is lacking info. 

My questions are:

Has anyone seen a guide for configuring Crestron to connect with the In-Room api via IP for SSH or Telnet?

Is SSH or Telnet better? Is there a better option? 

Is anyone else planning or deployed the new Room Kit? What was your experience/expectations?

Note that we do have licenses for Crestron tools; it has just been a while so it would be nice to see what others have already accomplished. 

Thanks in advance!

Who Me Too'd this topic