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3650 Speed and Duplex Negotiation fails

Hello Community,


I have a problem with a new 3650 switch from my customer.

They have some branch office with new 3650 switches (IPBase, IOS XE 3.6.4E and 3.6.7E). I update the switches from 3.6.4. to 3.6.7 because of the SNMP-Bug.

The customer renewed his printers (now Kyocera) and the printers does not connect to the switch. Both sides are configured with automatic negotiation. So Speed and Duplex should negotiate the best but nothing happens. The port remains down. MDIX is turned on.


One Note, I know, that it can't be more then 100mbit/full because of the cabling. They use a shared cabling where one cable is used for two network ports in the offices. So only 4 wires (1,2,3,6) can be used.


It seems that the 3650 doesn't fallback to 100mbit because when I just configure the speed to 100 mbit and leave the duplex auto then the printer can connect.


The strange thing is that the same printer (model and software) can connect to an old 3750X with the same shared cabling and the auto negotiation decides 100/full. Here everything works fine.

The support from Kyocera says that they don't know the problem.


Can someone explain this to me or have the same problem?


Best regards,









Who Me Too'd this topic