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Cisco Jabber voice services disconnecting

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We have problem with one user. His Jabber is disconnecting from voice services ,but IM&P working good.

Also this issue has just one user (other users are OK with everything).


Jabber version: 11.6.0 Build 35037


Problem is as follow:

- jabber is connected to all services, but after some time is disconnecting from voice service and works only IM&P

-after reset of jabber it works again  (for few hours ) -> after that is issue coming again.

-this issue has just one user -> other users are OK and their jabber's are still connected to voice services.

- configuration profiles (end user, jabber device profile, DN) are the same for everybody.


In the meantime user has new notebook and also jabber and drivers was reinstalled.


Do you have any idea what to do with this problem?

Thank you.

Who Me Too'd this topic