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Auto Attendant Problem on UC560 software pack 8.2.0


I have a problem with AA on UC560.

Here is the problem, I created a AA by using CCA3.2.

Enter "AA Extension" of 911

Selected "aa_sbcs_v03.aef".

Language "system US English"

and added the following options

1 = Extension 973

2 = Call other number 910 (B-ACD)

3 = Call Blast 512

saved and applied settings.

Now if I ring AA extension 911 it plays something different to what I have set up.

When I did a refresh in the auto attendant setup, the settings that I have made has gone.

It has been replaced with the following:

AA Fault..JPG

I have tried creating Auto Attendant 2 and it's the same result as above.

The system has been upgraded to


Any ideas?

Kind Regards


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