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Nexus Switch VPC Behaviour - Unicast Traffic via peer link ?


Hi all,


Read from the doc that the VPC peer link only carry multicast/broadcast traffic under normal circumstances ->

The vPC peer link carries control traffic between two vPC switches and also multicast, broadcast data traffic. 

In such scenario below, which path will be taken for the workstation to reach the Primary F5 Firewall ?



Red path -> via Peer2 -> vpc peer link -> Peer1 -> Primary FW or

Blue path -> via Peer2 -> then through the vpc port channel -> 2960 switch -> Peer1


My take would be via the Red path as it make no sense for the 2960 switch to send the traffic via its port-channel up (and what if it take the 2nd physical link? wouldn't it send the traffic right back to Peer2 ?)


But how does a Nexus switch decides when it would send traffic via its peer link vs vpc port-channel ? and again, the doc says earlier the peer link does not carry unicast traffic ... so will it still take the red path and send the traffic via its peer link up to the FW ?


Hope some gurus can shed some light here and point me to the right place in the documentation that states such scenario.




Who Me Too'd this topic