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ACS 5.5 export internal users with password

I have a Cisco ACS 5.5 running on ADE and I am trying to export all the internal users including passwords.


According to Cisco: "The ACS administrators can view the internal users' passwords from internal user database."

So for ACS 5.5 I should be able to retrive the passwords in clear text. Unfortunately I could not find any documnetation on how to do that.


It seems that a tool called extraxi could be used, but I was not able to download it after registering for trial, and it seems it supports only ACS 3.x and 4.x.


I was able to extract the database using:
acs support db_export repository myrepository encryption-passphrase null include-db original
In the bundle I have a directory called database, which contains the following files:
acs.db - should be the database I am looking for
acs.log - "Database password file" according to cisco


The problem is all the above files are encrypted and I am unable to open the db file.
Does anyone have any idea what tool can be used to view the db and how to decrypt it?

Who Me Too'd this topic