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CP2 Beginner

Cisco Ironport C170 - Cannot access WebGUI and problems with creating reports

Hello folks. I have an old C170 that is out of contract and end of life. It was working fine for a few years up until this week. I received a few e-mails this morning from the C170 saying "A failure occurred while building periodic report 'Internal Users Daily Report'." SO naturally I go to login to the webGUI, but I get an error:

ERROR RESPONSE ERROR Code 500: Server got itself into trouble: The application raised an exception.

So I am only able to access the CLI. I am not a pro or even intermediate level on these devices, so can someone assist on my courses of action? I did the DISK_USAGE command, but nothing seems too out of wack there.


Services                      Disk Usage (GB)   Quota(GB)
Spam Quarantine                       0.0           1.0
Reporting                             1.5           8.5
Tracking                              9.6          10.0
Total                                11.1          19.5


I did a reboot on it and it came back up fine. I can ping the device as well. I just can get to the webGUI for easier troubleshooting.

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