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Keep original caller's name in hunt pilot For field

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Level 1

We are migrating from Avaya to CUCM 11.x. One feature that we are trying to maintain is the "cover path" capability. This is where a caller calls John. John doesn't answer and the call is forwarded to Jane. Jane doesn't answer the caller goes to John's voicemail.


I have this working with a line group with Jane, a hunt list and a hunt pilot. I then set John's forward settings to the hunt pilot for busy and no answer. 


The problem I'm having is the call alerting display on Jane's phone says


"Incoming call on Jane

<External CALLER ID>

For <hunt pilot number>"


Is it possible to have the "For" line read "For: John"? 


That way Jane knows the call is a forwarded call and not a call that originated to her. Since Jane is covering many many individuals, the hunt pilot number won't help identify who the call came from. 


I have tried changing the Display Hunt Pilot Name or DN for Hunt Group Calls When Alerting  advanced service parameter, but it makes the call look like it originated at Jane's desk and not a call forwarded from John. 


*Edit: I am using a line group because there are many Janes that would cover John. So I can do a Top Down distribution. 





Who Me Too'd this topic