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Packet Loss on video when using Expressway in DMZ


Hi All

We have an issue with outgoing Video calls

We have an internal VCS server and and Expressway in the DMZ used for external calls.

Basically when I set the DX80 VC unit to go direct to the internet and not be registered and controlled by the VCS server it has no loss and calls are fine.

As soon as we manage the DX80 with the VCS server, the calls go via the Expressway in the dmz and we get around 6% packet loss and bad picture quality.

I did a packet capture and noticed the flow of udp rtp traffic goes from DX80>VCS, then VCS goes to Expressway in DMZ, then Expressway to external VC, Thats 3 call legs.

How does it route the stream?

Any ideas why I am getting these bad video issues?


Who Me Too'd this topic