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Problem setting Flexconnect Local Authentication

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but whenever I try to enable Flexconnect Local Auth at the SSID level, I get the following "The following errors occurred while updating the WLAN: Flexconnect Local Authentication is not supported with Local Switch Central DHCP."  I do have local switching on the Flexconnect, but I do not have "Switch Central DHCP."  I then created a Flexconnect Group and enabled "Enable AP Local Authentication"and No Central DHCP, then palced the APs into that Flexconnect Group, but still seeing "%DOT1X-3-INVALID_REPLAY_CTR" in the WLC syslog while clients roam.

I have two questions:

Why can't I enable Flexconnect Local Auth per SSID?

How can I determine that Flexconnect Local Auth is actually enabled and working?


WLC version is (multiple controllers 8510s and AIR-CT2504-K9S - happens on all them)

3 SSIDs, two in Flexconnect mode

APs receiving DHCP from local switch

Flexconnect clients receiving DHCP from same local switch

Clients for tunnel SSID receiving DHCP from central server


Stumped.  Anyone have a suggestion?





Who Me Too'd this topic