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AP2802 ethernet problem


Please help me with the problem like :


 My configuration is:

  • Cisco flex 7510 controller in HQ.
  • Hundreds of 1602 and 1702 APs at branches.
  • One 2802i as a test of the new line
  • 1602 and 1702 APs are mostly connected via Cisco SB SF300 non PoE switches wit PWR-INJ4/ PWR-INJ5/ CISCO SB SB-PWR-INJ2 as power source.

After upgrading controller software from 8.3.133 to 8.3.140 my only 2802i AP stopped work and boot began to fail with the message like this:




From the non PoE switches side I see different pictures depending on the model.  On Cisco SB SF300 ports are down, on catalyst 3750V2 port is UP but no mac-address present. If I connect same AP2802i via PoE catalyst 4500 Ap2802I starts to work.

So I spouse there is a bug  in 8.3.140. It affects only 2802 and 3802 connected via PoE injector.


 So what should I do now? Fall back to 8.3.133 or wait to 8.3.’?’ update? We have no budget to upgrade all branch switches to PoE model.

 We have no service contract, but depending on this bug purchasing of 100 2802 AP can be delayed or canceled. 


Regards Serhii.

Who Me Too'd this topic