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4500x-vss pair ISSU update failure

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Level 1

Hello all,

I am trying to upgrade a 4500-x vss pair with ISSU to a newer IOS.

From cat4500e-universalk9.SPA.03.06.05.E.152-2.E5.bin to cat4500e-universalk9.SPA.03.06.08.E.152-2.E8.bin


All pre-checks come out ok, bootvar is set ok, Hardware, License(features) are all equal.


When running the first ISSU command:

issu loadversion 1 bootflash:cat4500e-universalk9.SPA.03.06.08.E.152-2.E8.bin 11 slavebootflash:

The standby node reloads and starts with this new IOS image.

After a few minutes the following error shows up on the console and the standby unit reloads and loads the old firmware:



%VSLP-5-VSL_UP:  Ready for control traffic
%C4K_REDUNDANCY-2-IOS_VERSION_CHECK_FAIL: IOS version mismatch. Active supervisor version is 15.2(2)E5 (cat4500e-UNIVERSALK9-M). Standby supervisor version is 15.2(2)E8 (cat4500e-UNIVERSALK9-M). Redundancy feature may not work as expected.
%C4K_REDUNDANCY-2-NON_SYMMETRICAL_REDUNDANT_SYSTEM: STANDBY:STANDBY supervisor will operate in fallback redundancy mode rpr.
%C4K_REDUNDANCY-3-COMMUNICATION: STANDBY:Communication with the peer Supervisor has been established
%C4K_REDUNDANCY-2-VS_REBOOT_ON_RPR_FALLBACK: STANDBY:Supervisor in virtual-switch configuration cannot operate in redundancy mode RPR, will be reset
%RF-5-RF_RELOAD: STANDBY:Self Reload. Reason: Virtual-switch fallback to RPR
%SYS-5-RELOAD: STANDBY:Reload requested by Platform redundancy manager. Reload Reason: Virtual-switch fallback to RPR.
Message from sysmgr: Reason Code:[3] Reset Reason:Reset/Reload requested by [console]. [Reload command]


Am sort of at a loss here..  anyone got any ideas?

ps. also there are no MCL errors.

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