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Nexus 5548UP Upgrade

Hi All,


I was hoping to get some feedback about the approach I was going to take for a Nexus upgrade.


The current code is 5.2(1)N1(7) and I intend on migrating to 7.3(3)N1(1). There are two switches in a VPC configuration with no FEXs involved and no FC. The switches are pure L2 and serve as the access layer to a UCS blade center.


The upgrade will be done under a maintennace window and I intend to take one of the following paths:



5.2(1)N1(7) > 7.0(8)N1(1) > 7.1(4)N1(1) > 7.3(3)N1(1)


Or to save some time due to limited window


Part ISSU then Disruptive

5.2(1)N1(7) > 7.0(8)N1(1) then disruptive to 7.3(3)N1(1)


The question was whether a disruptive upgrade from 7.0(8)N1(1) to 7.3(3)N1(1) may trigger bug CSCul22703 which can cause config loss with a disruptive upgrade. Looking over the bugid it looks to affect only 5.2(1)N1 and some 6.x code. Could anyone confirm if this bug also affects other code versions?

Who Me Too'd this topic