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XR upgrade 5.3.1 -> 6.3.3/6.4.2 fails on "install add" claiming corrupt PIE files

We have tried to upgrade a customers network of ASR9001 routers running XR 5.3.1 to 6.3.3, and also 6.4.2, but both of them fails when attempting the "install add"-operation. Image download and files has been equisitely verified with md5, and the files are not corrupted. However, the ASR9001 seems to think so, for some reason: 


Install operation 79 '(admin) install add tar


    started by user 'admin' via CLI at 06:44:38 UTC Mon Sep 17 2018.

    Info:     The following files were extracted from the tar file

    Info:     '/tmp/instdir_sftp_files/temp_sftp_file_08257603' and will be

    Info:     added to the entire router:


    Info:         README-ASR9K-iosxr-px-k9-6.3.3.txt (skipped - not a pie)

    Info: (skipped - not a pie)

    Info:         asr9k-video-px.pie-6.3.3

    Info:         asr9k-services-px.pie-6.3.3

    Info:         asr9k-services-infra-px.pie-6.3.3

    Info:         asr9k-optic-px.pie-6.3.3

    Info:         asr9k-mpls-px.pie-6.3.3

    Info:         asr9k-mini-px.pie-6.3.3

    Info:         asr9k-mgbl-px.pie-6.3.3

    Info:         asr9k-mcast-px.pie-6.3.3

    Info:         asr9k-li-px.pie-6.3.3

    Info:         asr9k-k9sec-px.pie-6.3.3

    Info:         asr9k-fpd-px.pie-6.3.3

    Info:         asr9k-doc-px.pie-6.3.3

    Info:         asr9k-bng-px.pie-6.3.3

    Info:         asr9k-asr9000v-nV-px.pie-6.3.3


    Error:    Cannot proceed with the add operation because the pie file

    Error:    '/tmp/install/tar/instdir/8918452_223000000/asr9k-video-px.pie-6.

    Error:    3.3' is corrupt.


    Error:    The following pies were not added due to an error:

    Error:        asr9k-video-px.pie-6.3.3

    Error:        asr9k-services-px.pie-6.3.3

    Error:        asr9k-services-infra-px.pie-6.3.3

    Error:        asr9k-optic-px.pie-6.3.3

    Error:        asr9k-mpls-px.pie-6.3.3

    Error:        asr9k-mini-px.pie-6.3.3

    Error:        asr9k-mgbl-px.pie-6.3.3

    Error:        asr9k-mcast-px.pie-6.3.3

    Error:        asr9k-li-px.pie-6.3.3

    Error:        asr9k-k9sec-px.pie-6.3.3

    Error:        asr9k-fpd-px.pie-6.3.3

    Error:        asr9k-doc-px.pie-6.3.3

    Error:        asr9k-bng-px.pie-6.3.3

    Error:        asr9k-asr9000v-nV-px.pie-6.3.3

    Install operation 79 failed at 06:59:10 UTC Mon Sep 17 2018.


It has also been attempted to extract the .tar on the FTP server, verified the individual PIE-files with the correct md5, and running the install add-operation directly on the PIE-files. However, the result is the same. And this is now the case for two different software releases, and on two different boxes..!


I would suspect that some bridge SMUs or something similar was missing, but there isn't any to add for release 5.3.1, which seems legit as the official docs claims bridge SMUs are not used after Release 4.3. So, has anyone experienced something similar? What could be the problem here?

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